August 31, 2008

4x6 Gallery Proofs

For all of the mothers who have spoken up asking for a package that includes ALL the photographs displayed in your gallery, I have listened!

Introducing: 4x6 Gallery Proofs
Each image from your online gallery will be printed in a 4x6 white bordered format. These images will be printed exactly as they appear in your gallery without any further retouching. Please note that a minimum print order is required before the purchase of these images.

For all of you that would like to order the 4x6 Gallery Proofs for a past session from 2008, please email me with your request and session date so I can be sure they are still available to you.

Pricing for this new product is listed on under the "rates" tab.

My Schedule is Almost FULL!

August is now at its end and has been a month that has shattered all records at I See Beauty Photography for the most sessions ever in one month, by nearly double! I was planning on it being a low key "catch up" month so I can prepare for the upcoming busy season. All my intentions were out the window as mother after mother called me at the last minute to "squeeze" their babies into my schedule. My soft heart could not turn them away.

My schedule is almost full with only 9 session openings until December... make that 8 (one just booked as I was typing out this posting.) With such a packed schedule I have very little time for last minute requests. An early apology to all those families I will have to turn away this fall as I can no longer guarantee room to squeeze in unexpected sessions for the remainder of 2008.

If you are expecting a baby, please arrange a session with me before your baby is born and I will make every effort to be sure your little one is photographed within the first two weeks. Any requests for babies out of the "Newly Born" stage (over 14 days old) will have to be put on a waiting list and called if something opens up.

Beautiful Girl. Modesto Baby Photographer

My quick trip north yesterday to photograph this lovely lady was well worth it. This is her second time in front of my lens, the first when she was 12 days old. I thought it wasn't possible to get any prettier when I saw her as a newborn, well at 9 months she has proven me wrong...

Here she is with big sister at 12 days old.

Mr. Blue Eyes. Clovis Newborn Photographer

This little 8 day old did not want to miss a thing during his big photo day and insisted on being wide awake for the entire session... well except for about 10 minutes of sweet sleep at the end. With all those opened eyed photographs, we were able to capture some great images of his amazing blue eyes.

August 29, 2008

A Real Pearl. Artistic Baby Photographer

Yesterday I had a wonderful session with this beautiful mommy and daughter pair, capturing some of the most delightful images. Thanks for a fabulous session, the yummy Jamba Juice, and my new "do", I love it!

Peaceful. Madera Newborn Photographer

This beautiful boy was a wonderful subject while his loving family looked on with excitement during our session. Mom, I know you have been anxiously awaiting your sneak peek, so here it is!

August 26, 2008

Great Expectations. Artistic Maternity Photography

This soon to be daddy was absolutely enamored by mommy and her growing belly, and rightfully so. She is such a beautiful woman, magnified by the glow of her pregnancy. They were both a pleasure to photograph, and their love for one another shone through each and every image.

A Frequently Asked Question answered...

Q: I loved that lamb pelt you used at the photo session, where can I get one for my baby?

A: I am asked this question at nearly every photo session where I use my lambskin, because babies sleep so well on them. It is very important that you purchase a lamb pelt that is processed especially for babies, avoiding harsh chemicals next to their skin. Here is some information about the Wool Pelt:

"Lamb pelts have the unique ability to keep your little ones warm in the colder months and cool in the warmer months. This is in part to the lamby's uncanny ability to absorb 30% of its weight in moisture. Sheepskin is naturally allergy free. The wool fibers are hollow, allowing for circulation of air around your little ones body. These lamb pelts are a natural product, they do not shed, are seed free and pesticide free. These lambskins can be easily cared for. The lamby can either be hand or machine washed.

Sleep time for small children has been known to double when placed on a sheepskin at naptime. Lambskin encourages tactile stimulation so necessary for children's growth and development.

I purchased my lambskin from a site that I personally know is local, and very reputable (I have photographed the owner's family). I recommend the "unshorn" pelt.

Click Here to visit to get your own.

August 22, 2008

A magical session. Hanford Baby photographer

This 1 year old was very active and curious, as to be expected... but words cannot describe how very magical this session was. The images we captured are ALL amazing, perhaps it is because he is so stinkin' cute?

August 21, 2008

Mommy Matters

I have been anxious to announce some very exciting news to all of you, and I cannot hold back any longer... In the next few weeks I will be putting up a permanent art display of my photography inside Mommy Matters!

For those of you that do not already know, Mommy Matters is a wonderful resource for the Fresno community offering classes and products to educate and prepare mom physically and emotionally before and after baby’s arrival.
There are support groups available for mom and dad, as well as free workshops and forums to help answer those questions you can't get answered at the doctor’s office. They also have playgroups, Mommy & Me Yoga, prenatal massage, breastfeeding support and Lamaze classes taught by the only certified Lamaze instructor in Fresno.

Mommy Matters also has a lending library stocked with books, magazines, CD’s and DVD’s offering practical and reliable help available free to their members. Their products for body and home are free of harsh chemicals and they also carry a variety of maternity and baby clothing, nursing bras, baby slings, and many more hard to find unique mommy items.

If you have not done so already, please take some time to stop by the NE Corner of Champlain and Perrin to find out what resources will help you on your journey as a mommy! Stay tuned to find out when the Mommy Matters display is finally up, and when you stop by, please tell them that Jamie from I See Beauty sent you!

Mommy Matters
1010 E Perrin Ave
Fresno, CA 93720
(559) 433-0172

August 19, 2008

The Ultimate Keepsake

Introducing the Keepsake Book

A custom hardcover book with 20 pages of art from your session, all laid out in a clean, simple and artful manner, letting your images do all the talking.

This 8.5x11 coffee table book has a custom photo hardcover, and 20 hinged pages that lay flat. A unique and unforgettable way to show off your precious memories from the session.

Note: All session, print and book pricing is listed on under the "rates" tab.

Beach Baby. Santa Cruz Baby Photographer

My trip to Santa Cruz on Saturday was short, and so sweet. This birthday girl was beyond excited that we were at the beach; a true "Beach Baby" wanting to jump in the water and eat sand. Although it was foggy and misty making the ocean look drab, the lighting was a photographers dream for portraits! Between the beautiful lighting and enthusiastic subject, our session together lasted just under and hour and almost every single shot was a keeper.

Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for choosing me to photograph your precious granddaughter, this past year has been a pleasure!

Here is her year in review at 1 year, 9 months, 3 months, and 20 days

August 15, 2008

Twins, Wonderful Twins! Creative Twin Photographer

I could not hold my excitement back until Monday, I had to show you a quick preview of the wonderful images we captured today of these two little darlings. Brother and Sister are only 11 day old and were easier to work with than most single babies I photograph!

The Perfect Baby. Fresno Artistic Baby Photographer

At 2 months old I was not sure if this little angel would cooperate. To my suprise, she slept solid for over an hour letting us maneuver her however we wished without much more than a little peep. Together, Mom and I created some of my favorite and most original images to date. Mom, thank you for your wonderful team work, beautiful home, and having the perfect baby!
Tomorrow is my big day with the twins I have been looking so forward to. Right after the session I am off to Visalia for a friends baby shower and then taking off for the weekend to Santa Cruz for another session.  Check back next week for some more exciting postings.

August 14, 2008


Whew, what an extremely overwhelmingly busy 2 weeks this has been for me, and I still have 3 more photo sessions this week along with a mountain of photos to work on. This baby boom has really put me behind on my computer time... but don't worry Moms, I am working night and day to get to your requests.
I have been going non-stop forgetting to introduce my new lovely assistant to you. Meet Miss Christy, a degreed Artist and aspiring portrait photographer. She has been training with me for two weeks now and is quickly learning the ropes. She has already began attending photo sessions with me, and has been a great help with all the behind the scene things that I have needed to catch up on.
Thanks Christy for all your help and newfound friendship!

Peace like a river. Artistic Baby Photographer

Meet this 10 week old pearl. What a real jewel she is for the entire family, being the first grandchild on both sides.

August 13, 2008

Special Delivery. Merced newborn photographer

Although I am not a big fan of driving far, the trip to Merced to photograph this handsome 5 day old was more than worth it. This image of baby "W" in his Great Great Great Great Grandma's doll bed is a true treasure to both the family and I.

Less than 3 weeks to go! Fresno Maternity Photographer

This was a my 3rd maternity session in 1 week, WOW. Where there is bellies, babies soon follow... and this mommy is due the soonest.
She is a good friend of one of my best friends, and I can see why. I had a great time with these future parents!  Thanks for the referral Lisa, now I have a new set of friends too.  And take a look at these double bellies. Mom's cousin who has just 6 weeks to go came over for some memorable twin tummy shots, how cute are they!

August 12, 2008

Little Bundle. Clovis Baby Photographer.

I have been extremely busy with the summer Baby Boom photographing 6 newborn babies in the past two weeks, not to mention the newborn twins I get to meet on Friday. Keep checking back, there is much more to come!
This Mommy has been patiently waiting to see her little man's big debut... and here he is, as sweet as can be.  Welcome to the world baby "L". 

August 10, 2008

Sweet 6 weeks. Lifestyle Baby Photographer Fresno

This little lady was born a surprising 4 weeks early, so she is still as pliable and sleepy as a newborn. Making 'baby art' with her was so easy, and dad was having fun finding some wonderfully creative ways to hold her.  Thank you for inviting me into your home!