March 31, 2008

sweet little preemie

This little darling should still be in the womb, but she surprised everyone by making her arrival 3 weeks early. Welcome to the world beautiful.

1 year already!

He made his grand debut on my business card last spring as a sleepy 2 month old, now he is a wide awake bundle of energy learning how to walk.
Happy Birthday Carson!

waiting for little sister

Playful Miss Victoria took over mom's maternity session stealing the spotlight many times. What's going to happen when little sister arrives?

March 15, 2008

Happy Saint Patrick's Day

Almost a quarter of the year has flew by and I am in need of a little break. My husband and I are taking a last-minute, well deserved, trip to the coast over the next few days. Cambria or bust! Have a delightful weekend and take a moment to enjoy nature and the life giving sun. We will be back on Wed.

March 10, 2008

delightful at 6 months. Fresno Photographer

I think this little man has taken the record of having the most captured smiles of any baby I have photographed. Looking at daddy just lights up his eyes and and puts a never ending smile on his face, what fun he was! It is going to be tough for mom and dad to pick out just a few favorites among all the fantastic images we captured together. Thank you for the wonderful session!

waiting for a special "gift"

What a wonderful morning I had with this mommy creating gorgeous images of her pregnancy.

March 6, 2008

little miss ladybug at 4 months

After a quick scan through ladybug's photographs I am thrilled to say we got some amazing images yesterday! The ones in the grass were all wonderful and I could not help yet again making it look like an "aged" photo... timeless

March 5, 2008

only 4 weeks to go

This mommy and daddy were a delight to photograph. With less than a month before the baby arrives mommy had unbelievable stamina and a great belly!