February 26, 2008

7 months of cuteness

I am finally feeling better from my two week illness and ready to go back to creating art once again! Yesterday I had the pleasure of photographing this little one for the second time. He has the cutest rolls all over his body... I just want to eat them up.

February 19, 2008

a big thank you

I have been sick with a chronic cough (among other things) for the last 10 days straight... the patience each of you have given me during this extended recovery time is so appreciated. I will begin working on your orders as soon as I get back on my feet again.

Thank you, Thank you!

7 months and counting...

I am always excited to see how children change so quickly, in even a matter of months. This is the forth session I have had with this little one in the last seven months and how she has grown by leaps and bounds! She is little miss serious now, and gave mom and I a good workout trying to get her to laugh. Miss Madison your as cute as ever!

February 14, 2008

1 whole year

I am a simple gal with a pure style to my art, avoiding the look of heavily "photoshoped" images. With that said, this little darling in her timeless dress, sitting on grandmas antique chair, holding her little lambie just melted my heart. Those cute little fingers and dirty little toes are so precious, nothing else but this "aged photo" look could do it justice.

February 13, 2008

7 1/2 months of giant personality

This little one laughed and giggled and rolled around the floor the entire session! I wasn't feeling so hot yesterday, but for what I lacked in enthusiasm, he certainly made up for 110%. So much that he wore himself out, hopefully giving Mom and Dad a small opportunity to rest them selfs. I could not just put one or two pictures up because this series of faces was priceless.

February 10, 2008

10 days old

This little one was the perfect model in the basket, giving me plenty of opportunity to capture some amazing images of him. I could only hope that all my babies are so cooperative. Thank you Niko and parents for another rewarding session together.

February 6, 2008

A special event we should all see in Fresno.

Continuing with my commitment to make a difference in the lives of children I would like to invite you to attend a powerful special free exhibit coming to Fresno this weekend called Step into Africa. Here is a little about the exhibit...

Walk in the steps of a child living in an AIDS-affected community in Africa. This interactive exhibit features a stirring audio tour combined with captivating photography that will transport you to the heart of Africa. You'll gain a completely new perspective on the greatest humanitarian crisis of our time: AIDS." This will only take 20-30 minutes of your time.

It will be on Feb.8-11th 2008
at Fresno's Campus Bible Church in the Gym
4710 N. Maple (between Shaw and Gettysburg)

Click here to find out more details.

February 5, 2008

6 short weeks left. Maternity Photography Fresno

These two were naturals, allowing me to capture the love for one another and their growing bundle. I cant wait to meet their little man when he arrives.

February 4, 2008

5 days old

It was such an honor to be invited into the home of this little man. At only 5 days old he had the biggest and most beautiful eyelashes I have ever seen on a newborn, not to mention that thick head of hair. I have the privilege of watching him grow for the next year, and I look forward to every moment!

Welcome to the world Gavin

February 3, 2008

Signature Storyboards

Storyboards are now "defined" with 25 whimsical word definitions. They are available in a 10x20 rectangular format as well as 20x20 or 12x12 square format. A fun fresh way to display the images from your session.

The "defined" words are:
miracle, family, happiness, perfection, boy, girl, adore, wonder, love, delightful, play, joy, giggle, friend, blessed, thankful, smile, shine, snuggle, cutie, precious, baby, bundle, fresh, and new

Just make 3 easy decisions and I will do the rest!
1) Choose the size print you want
2) Choose 2-4 images from your session that tell a story
3) Choose the "defined" word you would like to use

I will email you a proof once the design is completed for your approval.

8 months old... already?

Oh what a charmer this little monkey has become. Each session with him gets better and better. I'm already looking forward to session #4 after the fun we had today!

8 days old

Although this little bell was not as sleepy as I hoped, she certainly gave us some golden opportunities to photograph her. She also gave mom and I a good giggle.

A new year, a new look, a new blog...

2008 brings new and exciting additions to the I See Beauty line up. Along with the blog, I am thrilled to announce a brand new look to my web site! Below is a screen shot from the site, but you can view the "fresh" changes for yourself here

The blog will also give me the opportunity to show off some of my new products that have just become available. Finally, to celebrate all my recent and exciting changes, I will be announcing a "fresh faces" contest in the next few weeks. Stay tuned as 2008 will be the best year yet!!!