February 3, 2008

Signature Storyboards

Storyboards are now "defined" with 25 whimsical word definitions. They are available in a 10x20 rectangular format as well as 20x20 or 12x12 square format. A fun fresh way to display the images from your session.

The "defined" words are:
miracle, family, happiness, perfection, boy, girl, adore, wonder, love, delightful, play, joy, giggle, friend, blessed, thankful, smile, shine, snuggle, cutie, precious, baby, bundle, fresh, and new

Just make 3 easy decisions and I will do the rest!
1) Choose the size print you want
2) Choose 2-4 images from your session that tell a story
3) Choose the "defined" word you would like to use

I will email you a proof once the design is completed for your approval.

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