September 29, 2008

A New Soul. Baby Art Photography

I am always excited to meet new babies, especially when their parents are good friends of ours, as in the case of this 10 day old bundle of happiness. Our day with these family friends was fabulous as we casually photographed their beautiful daughter, talked, took more pictures, ate a home cooked meal and even watched a movie... a unique and very relaxed photo session. I must admit, it was a wonderful break from the norm.

While watching the movie I even had the blessing of holding this sleeping angel for at least an hour (maybe longer?) and I must say that I was in heaven as she snuggled up to me, melting in my arms. She definitely stole my heart, and I kept threatening to keep her many times! ;) She started my baby clock ticking like never before... just looking at the photographs brings tears to my eyes.

Welcome to the world Keilani, you are loved by many!

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