September 30, 2008

Honoring Pregnancy and the Birthing Process

Being a photographer that focuses on maternity and newborn clients, I have the honor to hear many of birth stories. Each story ending in a beautiful bundle of joy, but some also have struggles and long lasting emotional stress associated with them.

Sunday's performance of "Birth" at the Tower Theater was an eye opening and informative experience for me. The 8 birth stories presented in the play each resonated with many of the birthing tales I have heard from my clients. Not yet having the gift of experiencing pregnancy and labor first hand did not seem to make a difference for the play's emotional impact. The performance left me empowered in my abilities as a woman, and sparked an inner flame.

Sunday's play also shared with me many of the choices we have as women in regards to childbirth. I want to make a commitment to pass on this new found knowledge to you, and provide a pathway to access the resources located here in the Central Valley.

I am adding a NEW "Motherhood Resources" links to my blog to assist you in finding the information and resources you need to have a healthy and happy birth. I encourage you to explore your choices in childbirth by visiting these links and making use of the wonderful resources around you.

You may want to start by checking out Mommy Matters "In-Home Pregnancy Concierge Service". Their goal is to take the anxiety out of pregnancy and allow you to enjoy your journey. In this way you can be better prepared for the transition into parenthood.

Their service provider will walk you through where you are in your pregnancy now and guide you through to baby's first weeks. She will also inform you on what resources are available to you during pregnancy and the first few years. You will find out together which style of Childbirth Education will work best for you and your partner, and how to find the care provider that will help you have the birth you want.

I hope my effort to share this information with you helps you on your amazing journey into parenthood.

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