May 19, 2008

Not so newborn. Baby Photography in Fresno and Clovis

I so enjoy my sleepy newborn photographs, but take a look at this very sleepy 6 month old! Just when I thought our session was over, I decided to stay a bit longer while this young lady fell asleep. I am so glad I did, as we were rewarded with these wonderful images of miss Aryana in the basket.

And how can you resist those long thick eyelashes and big round cheeks? I must admit, I have a weak spot for great eyelashes.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Thank you so much Jaime. I appreciated your patience. Love the basket!
Grammie Kathy

Kristin Herrera said...

Wow Jaime, what can I say, you truely are a visual artist! I know my darling little angel is beautiful, but you really captured her innocence. You were so warm and gentle with Aryana, she was very comfortable (obviously)! You possess a wonderful gift that I wish every mother could experience. We will treasure these pictures forever..and look forward to your next visit!
Thank you again,

Oscar Herrera said...

I was so incredibly touched by these pictures of our daughter! She is just so beautiful and I'm so glad that we have these timeless memories to cherish. Thank you for your awesome work!