May 7, 2008


I generally keep my text brief, but today I seem to be full of words. After the session this afternoon I began to reflect... What a blessed life I live. I know I have mentioned a few times already about how lucky I am to have this "talent" of photography, but more and more frequently I am getting present to the true gift it is in my life. Being invited into homes to capture a brand new being, I get to share in their joy and create wonderful memories of their quickly growing baby that they might not otherwise have. It's a real privilege.

I am also truly enjoying the new office space I have in the 1926 bungalow we just moved into. The dark hardwood floors, plaster walls and old picture rails all add to the history and charm of this house that I so love being around. It is located in the Fresno High area, and if any of you know the location you may be familiar with the train that passes by... during the day and all hours of the night the train chugs its way within 2 blocks of our house, all the while blowing its horn through my entire neighborhood. It was quite distracting at first, and even woke me up a few times, but now I smile as it "screams" its way through the area, adding once again to that unexpected bit of character this neighborhood offers. What happy energy this house has, its a wonderful place to spend my days.

Having a great husband, a new home, and a career that will allow me to be a stay at home mother, I am all set up for adding a new life to our family. Motherhood is the biggest dream I have yet to experience for myself. Perhaps that is why I am so captivated by babies... hoping that one day, soon, I too will have the chance to adore my own little bundle. I am keeping the prayers alive.

Thank you all for the trust, confidence, and acknowledgments you extend to me on a daily basis... it IS appreciated.

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Anonymous said...

You are truly an inspiration to me!! Thank you! :)