May 7, 2008

9 day old charmer. Lemoore Baby Photographer

A funny coincidence... Yesterday's little angel was born on he same day as todays, and the families live about a mile apart. After observing all their similarities and a series of questions, we soon discovered that not only were the babies born in the same hospital less than an hour apart, but the Daddies are good friends! How fun that each family, independently of one another, called me in to photograph their new arrivals without ever telling the other. What are the chances?

I had a great time with this family who were real sports in letting me try some new things with their little bundle. What proud parents they are! (Mike, thanks again for making my tummy happy, it paid off!)

I just love looking at the image below, what a beautiful and classic newborn smile, it just melts my heart.

Welcome to the world Tommy.


jennkinsler said...

Hey this is my cousins baby... Mike and Hillary did a great job with this little guy. You did an amazing job on his pictures.
Jenn @ photojennics photography.

Anonymous said...

I agree - all of his pictures are wonderful -- I'm Hilary's mom - Tommy's 'G-Mom' (I think) That's the name Mike gave me! We will treasure these pictures forever -- so wonderful to have captured these priceless moments in his newborn life! He is so precious!

Thanks Jamie---