November 2, 2008

Having Fun with Alex and his Little Sis.

I first entered this family's life when their baby was only 4 days old back in April. Fast forward 6 months and she is sitting and big brother is just as charming as ever. I did not have the kids pose at all in this first image, yet their hands seem to mirror each other.

Here is a cute little story: During our first session back in April, big brother Alex and I connected as I was taking photographs of his baby sister. He used a paper towel core as a camera to mimic me while we were taking pictures. Below is a photo Dad took of us together during that initial session.

Inspired by my experience with Alex at our first session, I gave him a mini toy camera as a thank you for being so good during Thursdays family session.

Mom emailed me later that evening and said, "I wanted to let you know Alex has not put down the little camera you gave him. He took it to preschool to show all his friends and came home with it - which is an amazing feat since daycare tends to be a black hole for items. As I type this he is laying on the couch watching tv and holding it!"

I spoke with mom today and he is still playing with it 3 days later. Mom, I think you have a budding photographer on your hands. I better watch out, Alex may be my new competition! :)


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for another great session Jamie! You are an amazing photographer and are so brillant in the way you capture their personalities on film. We couldn't be happier!!!!

Anonymous said...

Now that is definitely cuuuuuuute!
Is there any doubt that little Alex is a future photographer?????
Aunt Shari