October 15, 2008

Oso's New Buddy. Creative Baby Photography

You may recognize these two from the maternity session we did at the end of August. It was a perfect session with a happy sleepy baby, beautiful home and wonderful parents. It was worth the weekend trip to the bay area to capture their little boy.

Mom and Dad really wanted Oso to take a photo with baby too... this image may look like it was easily accomplished, but think again. It took a list of ingredients to make this shot work:

- One well exercised (ie: tired) Lab.
- One very cooperative baby who did not wake up even while being licked :)
- One jar of quarters (to hold up the basket)
- One can of black beans and six cans of tuna... don't ask
- A professional dog handler (aka: Dad)
- Lets not forget the dog treats!
- A dash of patience


Lindsey McIntosh said...

I love your work!!! This one is so great, LOVE the dog!!

Mandy said...

The last one with the dog is adorable. How did you get him to sit still like that? I adore your black and whites too...they are creamy.


i guess you can say i am in love with your photography....
i love how you got the god involved

Artist Jamie Ibey said...

Jackie - I think you meant dog not God. :)

Mandy - It was a large effort on Dads part to control Oso, and he did a wonderful job!

Aimee said...

Jamie - we absolutely love the three photos you posted on your blog. You did an amazing job capturing our family! Your calm nature and patience made the photo session fun and relaxing. We feel so blessed to have found you and are excited to see our gallery! Thanks so much!