October 25, 2008

Art for an Artist. Fresno Portrait Photographer

These two cuties are not from any typical photo shoot... they are the beautiful children of one of my favorite professors while I was at Fresno State. This mommy taught me everything I know about figure drawing and helped foster my talent in painting. I admire her as an individual, as a teacher, as an artist, and now as a mother. What an honor it was to be the one to photograph her precious children, and oh the pressure I had to get it right! ;)

Thanks mom and dad for being so wonderful, and I hope you like the way your unexpected "livingroom makeover" turned out.

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Stephanie said...

These photos are gorgeous! You have really captured their personalities. And i should tell you that we completely rearranged the living room after your visit, and it is lovely. Thanks for your kind words and stunning work. I can't wait to see more!