September 4, 2008

It's Official, I am BOOKED!

I have been getting calls and emails with mothers grabbing the last of my dates for the year. So it's now official, to my surprise with a full 3 months to go, the remainder of my 2008 schedule is FULL. I wish I could accommodate everyone, but I am sorry to say that I will have to turn away any other family clients that want to get in before the holidays are up.

The only clients I WILL be taking for the rest of 2008 is maternity and newborn babies under 14 days old. If you are expecting a baby please contact me as soon as possible to get into my schedule.

I have a waiting list for babies over 14 days old that I am keeping in case of cancellations.


Barbara said...

I absolutely love your photos and am checking in from time to time just because the quality of your work is exceptional. It's like going to a museum--for free.
Thank you so much for posting these beautiful baby pictures for us to enjoy.
Barbara Hernandez

Anonymous said...

Wow! Business is good for the best photographer in Fresno! Although I am super happy for you, can I be added to a waitlist for 6 month pictures if there is such a list? I'd be aiming for early November. I wanted to splurge for one more shoot :-)

You know my digits,
Rachel Hitz (Oceana's mom)