September 17, 2008

HELP - I need your advice

I am calling out to local friends and fans of the blog wanting some advice, more personal in nature... I am in serious need of a good massage. If any of you have advice on where I can get a great local massage I would love to know about it.... just leave a comment on this posting. Thanks!


The Hawkins Family said...

Sandi Boone - owner of California Wellness and Massage (Shaw and Maroa) is PHENOMINAL! And totally up your alley I think! Tell her I sent ya if you go!

Anonymous said...

Muses day spa a gal named Erin is wonderful and their rooms are so relaxing another great place is Zenas both are the same price as far as ambiance muses is way better!! enjoy

Anonymous said...

i had my first ever massage at Spectrum by Anna when i was pregnant. it was glorious.
(hope this post isn't too late)