August 1, 2008

A Busy Woman

I have been a very busy bee since arriving back from the coast this last week... I had 4 photo sessions, booked 6 more, received the prints for 7 orders I just completed retouching, sent off 6 canvas orders, dealt with a hacker trying to mess with my website while I was gone, received my new Mac Pro computer system, (complete with a 30" screen) and have been trying to set it up... all while spending 3 afternoons training a new assistant. WHEW! And this is not even my "busy" season. Not to mention I have 5 photo sessions this week and lots more to do.
Because of all of this I am a bit behind with posting on the blog, but I will get there... Here are some of the orders I received in the last couple of days. Look at the large stack of birth announcements!
These are the deluxe 5x7 folded cards.  They are custom designed, come in sets of 24 and are genuine press printed cards.  A set comes standard with each newborn session! They are the most beautiful, and highest quality cards I could find out there. I have been truly impressed with each set I receive in.

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Nickie said...

Ooooh, I'm so excited--I recognize a few of my little peanuts in there:)