June 6, 2008

Boys, boys, boys...

I just noticed I have had a little string of baby boys for the last week or so that I have been photographing. Tomorrow is my first girl in two weeks.

I have also had the honor to photograph 4 Navy families in the last month. These "high flying" Daddies are all away on the boats serving our country. Thank you all for your sacrifice.

What a cute photograph of brotherhood. This big brother was so helpful and wonderful to work with, you were great Jacob! I know Mom is going to love this one.


Pam Couch said...

Super cute Jaime!

Evelyn Good said...

What a great "sneek peak". Never having had a photographer come to our home, I was a little unsure how the session would turn out. But you were wonderful with both boys - patient and genuine. My husband came home just in time for Father's Day when we told him about the photos. Neither of us, along with the rest of our family, can wait to see them! Thanks again!