June 1, 2008

4 months of wisdom

This beautiful blue eyed boy gave me a myriad of wonderful expressions. Some of the most fascinating expressions were the ones where he almost seemed to peer into my soul. He has some wisdom behind those eyes.

Thanks mom for being so enthusiastic, I had a great time with you and look forward to having you in my future class I will be offering on "How to capture your children's memories".


Pam & Ryan said...

Jaime we love the pictures and look forward to seeing more, He looks so cute and we are so excited to see more. The day after your photo shoot we found out he had an ear infection, which explains why he was not his normal smiling self all day. Thank you so much we had a great day with you. You made everything so simple and fun and we look forward to more shoots with you. I can't wait for your class. Your amazing and we just can't say thanks enough for your time.

Janessa Couch said...

What precious pictures. He happens to be my nephew that I get to meet in two weeks, we are so excited. You have such a beautiful gift!